“The biggest realization I had during the program was that my business was completely dependent on me. After the experience,I was able to create systems and processes which have ensured lesser dependency on me. Now my company profits increased by 75% in just 1 year.” – Madhav Sharma
(MD Trendzop Pvt Ltd, New Delhi)


“Meeting Surajit and attending his business seminar was a game changer for me. From no business in 2017 to successfully
running my own company in 2018, the journey has simply been amazing. The entire experience of building a business from scratch, building teams, systems and structures in place would have simply not been possible without this. Within 5 months we started making a revenue of INR 3L per month with a
profitability of INR 80K per month” – Rajdeep Guha
(Founder, PowerLink, Bengaluru)


“The business program at Earn with Nayak helped me validate my business & develop a successful business model through some easy to understand practical tools and techniques. These helped me upgrade by business and make it scalable. Today, we have started making a revenue of over INR 3Cr yearly.” – Payel Jha
(Founder, BeautyQueens, Noida)